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How to Measure for Stone Veneer: Measuring for your stone veneer project, whether it's new construction or a simple makeover, it's easy to determine the amount that you need. Printer Friendly Measuring Instructions

Measuring interiors and exteriors that are equally proportioned: Measure the length of the surface and the width of the surface and multiply those two numbers the same way as you would in calculating the area inside a square or rectangle.
Example - You want to cover 2 of 4 walls inside your home. Two of the walls measure 10 ft high and 20 ft' wide. And the other two walls are 10 ft high and 30 ft wide. You want to cover one wall of each. Answer: 10 X 20 = 200 sq ft 10 ft X 30 ft = 300 sq ft

Measuring a wall that varies in height from the beginning to the end: Simply measure the length of the wall and the height of the wall half the distance of the length and multiply the length times the half way point of the height of the wall to get the total square footage of the area.
Example - You have a wall that is 20 ft high at one end but is 11 ft high at the other end. The wall length 20 ft. Answer: Median of 15.5 ft high X 20 ft long = 310 sq ft

Measuring a gable: Measure the height of the gable and half the width of the gable. Multiply those two numbers to determine the total square footage of the gable.
Example - You have gable that is 12 ft high and 12 ft wide at the base. Answer: One half width of gable = 6 ft X 12 ft = 72 sq ft

Measuring columns: Measure the circumference of the column and multiple that number times the height of the column to determine the square footage of the column.
Example -You have 2 columns that are 14 ft high and both have a circumference of 30 inches Answer: Multiply the circufrance times the height 2.5 ft X 3 ft = 7.5 sq ft

Want to See a Sample First? Sample boards may be ordered for $15 per sample plus freight.

Colors may differ in photographs than actual product, please contact us our visit Color Ideas and Combinations for assistance in determining the best color for your new design.

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